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Together, VP3 is catalyzing industry to scale the market for virtual power plants (VPPs).

What Are Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)?

Distributed energy resources (DERs) such as electric vehicles, smart thermostats, heat pumps, and battery energy storage systems are seeing record-setting levels of investment and adoption. And their fast-growing strength in numbers can do even more if they work together. VPPs are a ‘missing link’ that unlocks DERs’ full potential.

How Do VPPs Work?

VPPs aggregate many individual DERs and direct them like an orchestra. The many DERs of any given VPP act as a coordinated unit as if they were a single, larger power plant to provide valuable grid services.

For example, a distributed ‘fleet’ of thermostats, batteries, and EVs might all work together to shift their demand to reduce peak grid load during a summer heat wave.

What Value Do They Deliver?

VPPs make the grid more reliable and resilient to extreme weather, keep energy costs lower, enable economy-wide electrification, and help integrate more clean energy that reduces air pollution and its negative health impacts. The time is now to scale this market.

Founding Members

Seizing the Opportunity

The technologies needed to operate VPPs—both hardware and software—already exist. The challenges to tapping VPPs’ true potential are primarily policy, regulatory, and market-based.

That’s why VP3 was born. We are exclusively dedicated to understanding the opportunities—and challenges—of the VPP market, including the role that DERs and demand flexibility can play in grid modernization.

About the Virtual Power Plant Partnership (VP3)

VP3 is a coalition of nonprofit and industry voices changing the necessary policies, regulations, and market rules to unleash VPPs. Our members span hardware and software technology solution providers, DER aggregators, nonprofit, and others.

A robust VPP market expands the possibilities for all DERs—empowering households, businesses, and communities to play a role in the energy transition alongside technology solution providers.


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